Dolphins dancing with flower and rainbow
Bringing the Aloha

The Code of Conduct

As trainees, interns, freelancers and mentors at the Aloha Institute, the entire team agrees to follow the "Aloha Spirit" values as listed below.

Dolphins dancing in A
Greetings, Love, Joy

Aloha is to always welcome each other with open arms and open minds regardless of the level of technological understanding. It is the foundation of how we train and learn.

Waterfall in shape of L
Unity and Harmony

Lōkahi is willingness to cooperate and collaborate in all we do, knowing that while we may live on an island – we are not islands ourselves. We are open to asking and giving direction as we develop our projects.

Family of Turtles swimming in O
Family and Friends

Ohana treats each other as if we are dear friends and family. We are always willing to share our knowledge when one of our friends or family members needs assistance.

Two Bird of Paradise kissing in H
Keeping Promises

Hoʻohiki honors our pledges of support to each other in learning while holding ourselves accountable to our words and our actions.

Two palm trees in morning as A
Patience with Perseverance

Ahonui always remembers that all of us learn at different speeds. We are kind to one other, showing humility while encouraging each other to excel in our professional development.

Those who cannot uphold these values will not be welcome in any Aloha Institute program.

Special thanks to our awesome "ALOHA" artist Steve Nacario!
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