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Bringing the Aloha

Aloha and Welcome!

We are a Virtual Instructional & Technology Design company. We provide remote, engaging and professional services to leading businesses and organizations in Hawaii and on the West Coast.


Our services include eLearning Course and Curriculum construction, Video and Animation productions, Learning Management System Administration and Reporting, and Web and Graphic designs to improve your User Experience and Interface.

You can download our Catalog for the infographics view of our services.

Free Training

We focus on training Kamaʻāina (local Hawaiian residents) to assist in building a more diversified local employment industry.

Our training includes industry and design presentations as well as outside recommended courses for our Haumāna (students) to develop their instructional design, graphic design, and web design skills.

Our focus on developing an individual's specific set of software skills as well as learning methodologies will be able to equip them for a career in Instructional & Technology Design.

Our emphasis includes integrating Hawaiian values that brings together culture, cooperation, and collaboration. We are dedicated to ensuring that these values of Hawaii remain at the forefront of the Instructional & Technology Design industry, not just in Hawaii — but to be carried across to other nations and organizations.

Training includes internship and freelance project opportunities for our Haumāna to continue developing their Instructional & Technology Design skills while giving them the means to earn additional income and a platform to showcase their growing portfolio.

Feel free to explore our site, meet our team, learn more about our training paths, check out our production styles and favorite Software tools. Learn more about how the Aloha Spirit plays an important part of the Aloha Institute.

Check back as we add our Talk Story mini-series of short interview videos, and showcase our local heroes.

Contact us with any questions, ideas and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.