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Learning Management Systems


There are a variety of Learning Management Systems to choose from and selecting the right one is important to generating the return on your investment.

We can assist you in conducting a feasibility assessment of your organizational requirements for an LMS as well as constructing your request for proposals when you are ready to select.

Selecting the right LMS is often based on your organizational structure. These can include LMSs for an eCommerce business, an Educational Institution, an internal training platform for a Corporation, or a more security conscious one for Government structures and Regulated industries.

LMS User Interface & Experience

Selecting the right LMS is only the beginning. Depending on the type you acquire, it may include your ability to format and design with your organization in mind. This can include using your logos, colors, and font style.

Consider as well how your Users find their trainings. This may use a search engine configuration within the LMS as well as the ability to market and advertise your trainings.

Once you select the LMS of your choice, we can help with its configuration as well as assisting you with how you curate your trainings.

LMS Reporting

The LMS is only as good as the data you can retrieve helping identify training metrics and trends. During the selection process, reporting is a major functionality and characteristic that is studied.

Most LMS platforms have a standard reporting system that allows Managers and Users to access performance data, but not all have the ability for you to design a custom report based on the data you are seeking.

Our services do include training you as well as assisting you with designing your own custom reports and how best to access them and distribute them.

LMS Assignment Configuration

Assigning the correct training is a big part of how your LMS functions. These can include assisting you with how your LMS assigns training such as by Job Role, Departments, and Experience level.

We can help you understand the various ways an LMS can assign a particular training. Consider whether the training is required or optional.

In addition, we can help with how a training assignment is deployed, such as an annual training or a training designed as a pre or post-requisite to other trainings.

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